Bulletin of the American Meteorological SocietyVOLUME 87 NUMBER 8August 2006ARTICLESMixing Politics and Science in Testing the Hypothesis That Greenhouse Warming Is Causing a Global Increase in Hurric...

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Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society


August 2006


Mixing Politics and Science in Testing the Hypothesis That Greenhouse Warming Is Causing a Global Increase in Hurricane Intensity. J. A. Curry, P. J. Webster and G. J. Holland, pages 1025–1037.


Thirty Years of Tropical Cyclone Research with the NOAA P-3 Aircraft. Sim D. Aberson, Michael L. Black, Robert A. Black, Robert W. Burpee, Joseph J. Cione, Christopher W. Landsea and Frank D. Marks Jr., pages 1039–1055.


Where are the Most Intense Thunderstorms on Earth?. E. J. Zipser, Daniel J. Cecil, Chuntao Liu, Stephen W. Nesbitt and David P. Yorty, pages 1057–1071.


Examination of Potential Biases in Air Temperature Caused by Poor Station Locations. Thomas C. Peterson, pages 1073–1089.


Marine Environment and Security for the European Area: Toward Operational Oceanography. J. A. Johannessen, P.-Y. Le Traon, I. Robinson, K. Nittis, M. J. Bell, N. Pinardi and P. Bahurel, pages 1081–1090.



FORM—Ideas for Future Foehn Research. Simon Tschannett and Markus Furger, pages 1091–1093.



Daily Precipitation Grids for South America. Scott M. Robeson and Leslie A. Ensor, pages 1095–1096.


Reply. Brant Liebmann and Dave Allured, pages 1096–1096.



MEETINGS: Are AMS Conference Practices Changing for Better or Worse?: A Report on Developments from the 32nd Radar Meteorology and 11th Mesoscale Processes Joint Conference. Bart Geerts, Steven E. Koch, Paul Krehbiel and David Jorgensen, pages 1105–1110.


Newsletter del CEPPM//ECMWF. Summer 2006

Atmosfera. Julio 2006


  • Convective rainfall rate multi-channel algorithm for meteosat-7 and radar derived calibration matrices. A. Luque, I. Gómez y M. Manso
  • Effects of an assumed cosmic ray-modulated low global cloud cover on the Earth’s temperature. J. Ramírez†, B. Mendoza V. Mendoza y J. Adem
  • Climate change and climate variability impacts on rainfed agricultural activities and possible adaptation measures. A Mexican case study. C. Conde, R. Ferrer y S. Orozco
  • Spatial influence and oceanic thermal response to Santa Ana events along the Baja California peninsula. R. Castro, A. Mascarenhas, Á Martínez-Díaz de-León, R. Durazo y E. Gil-Silva

Ambienta. La revista del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente

Nº57 Julio 2006


26 El impacto del cambio climático en las zonas costeras españolas

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