Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

VOLUME 87 NUMBER 1January 2006http://ams.allenpress.com/amsonline/?request=get-toc&issn=1520-0477&volume=87&issue=1THE MAP ROOMAn Analysis of a Frontogenetically Forced Early-Spring Snowstorm. Michael...


January 2006



An Analysis of a Frontogenetically Forced Early-Spring Snowstorm. Michael Evans, pages 27–32.



Reforecasts: An Important Dataset for Improving Weather Predictions. Thomas M. Hamill, Jeffrey S. Whitaker and Steven L. Mullen, pages 33–46.


A Comparitive Analysis of the Influence of Weather on the Flight Altitudes of Birds. Judy Shamoun-Baranes, Emiel van Loon, Hans van Gasteren, Jelmer van Belle, Willem Bouten and Luit Buurma, pages 47–61.


The South American Low-Level Jet Experiment. C. Vera, J. Baez, M. Douglas, C. B. Emmanuel, J. Marengo, J. Meitin, M. Nicolini, J. Nogues-Paegle, J. Paegle, O. Penalba, P. Salio, C. Saulo, M. A. Silva Dias, P. Silva Dias and E. Zipser, pages 63–77.


The NAME 2004 Field Campaign and Modeling Strategy. Wayne Higgins, Dave Ahijevych, Jorge Amador, Ana Barros, E. Hugo Berbery, Ernesto Caetano, Richard Carbone, Paul Ciesielski, Rob Cifelli, Miguel Cortez-Vazquez, Art Douglas, Michael Douglas, Gus Emmanuel, Chris Fairall, David Gochis, David Gutzler, Thomas Jackson, Richard Johnson, Clark King, Timothy Lang, Myong-In Lee, Dennis Lettenmaier, Rene Lobato, Victor Magaña, Jose Meiten, Kingtse Mo, Stephen Nesbitt, Francisco Ocampo-Torres, Erik Pytlak, Peter Rogers, Steven Rutledge, Jae Schemm, Siegfried Schubert, Allen White, Christopher Williams, Andrew Wood, Robert Zamora and Chidong Zhang, pages 79–94.


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